Sharing the Hope ofa better Nigeria.

We are the Youth Assured Foundation.


We are a group of young Vibrant Nigerian Youths redefining the Nigerian dream one community at a time.

If you want to know, here's a bit about us

Our organization is determined to change the environment around us, one cause at a time. We've been fortunate to work with amazing partners who have helped us through our journey and a great volunteer team.

Through the power of giving, we make the world a better place. Join today in our effort to make someone feel blessed today.

So far, we have been involved in:

  • Medical Outreaches.
  • Environmental Charities.
  • Education Charities.
  • Community Outreaches.
  • Vocational Education.


Checkout some of our recent projects and find out how you can support, through donations or being part of our team.

13th March 2018

Skills Workshop and Trade Fair - Community - Iwaya, Lagos Nigeria
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10th October, 2018

Living Free Walk in partnership with Paroche Foundation
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10th May 2019

ICT for Socio- Personal Development -Igbogbi Junior Grammar School, Bariga Lagos Nigeria
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19th August 2020

Free Check Up and
Screening in partnership with De Best Clinic, Ikorodu, Lagos
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